Samriddha Nepal Listed New Boards For The Year SNY2022/23


Birgunj 13rd August  2022

The local Nonprofit organization Samriddha Nepal announced its new Board for the SNY Year 2022/23 .

On Friday 12 August  the office of President Secretariat announced it’s Board meeting where the President Mr. Aayush Gupta lead the meeting along with The Vice President Mr.Siddhartha Gupta ,Treasurer Mr. Priyanshu Raj Gupta and the board committee where the several agenda , academic papers were decided and the board was appointed.

Samriddha Nepal organization is one of the hard working Organization in the field of Social Services this organization has always been praised by the people where most of the youth have shown their positive responses to get a membership and work

According to the Vice President Mr.Siddhartha Gupta the newly announced board were appointed on the basis of their skills , hard work  which they have shown towards organization.

The Treasurer Mr.Priyanshu Raj Gupta said that the newly appointed board will do their best to uplift their society through the median of this organization



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